Lorvale Academy is a certified (BSID: 885469) private high school located in west Toronto. Since its inception, graduates of Lorvale have been accepted by world-renowned institutions of higher learning such as the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, and Queen’s University. Our graduates constantly enroll in highly demanding majors such as finance, computers, and medicine. We specialize in preparing our students for entrance into North American universities and colleges, as well as assisting students with learning English as a second language. Lorvale Academy is known for our commitment to education, in which we aim to meet the various needs of all our students. The high record of success among our graduates, reflects the professional commitment and personal touch that has become the mark of Lorvale Academy.
The learning experiences offered at Lorvale Academy will reflect not only the learning expectations required by the Ontario Ministry of Education, but also the students own interests, developing a sense of responsibility and inspiring individual achievements. We view students academic achievement as a shared responsibility between teacher and student. In addition to ensuring academic excellence, we strive to cultivate character, good learning habits, global vision and social responsibility.
Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience are reinforced through STEM education. Our STEM Steams, encourage students to Respect and learn by working with those from different cultures, and with different ideas; fulfill Responsibilities to their education through group collaboration by utilizing analysis and reasonings skills; build Resilience through continuous problem solving and learning from setbacks and failures.
At Lorvale Academy our approach to learning is a team effort. Our principal, teachers, support staff and advisors work together to form a community to build a unique, encouraging and comprehensive learning environment for our students. In this community, students are inspired to achieve academic excellence, realize their full potential, and to become knowledgeable, responsible and caring global citizens.
Principal: Kathy D'Uva
  • 30 Years Public and Private School Education Experience
  • 20 Years International School Management Experience
  • Formerly New Oriental International College Principal
Academic Director: Jordan Singer
  • 25 Years English Literacy Education Experience
  • 10 Years of University Application Consultation Experience
  • Former Oral English Teacher at Beijing New Oriental
  • Former IELTS Head Teacher at New Oriental International College in Toronto
Advisor: Robert Wong
  • Vice-Chairman and Senior Portfolio Manager at Leading Canadian Investment Company
  • Former Ontario Minister of Energy, Minister of Citizenship
  • Recipient of The University of Toronto 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Advisor: Minerva Cernea
  • Assistant Director Internships and Corporate Services, IMBA Program at Schulich School of Business
  • Experiential Education (EE) Faculty Lead at Schulich School of Business
  • 20 Years of Global Enterprise Executive Experience in Top Industrial Companies
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