Student Total Care

Before arrival-Student assistance with visa arrangements

Landing in Canada

  • Upon request, pictures can be provided of homestay residences prior to arrival in Toronto.
  • Airport pickup and drive upon arrival at the Toronto International Airport.
  • Assistance with medical insurance and navigation of medical insurance plan.
  • Specialists to assist with opening of bank accounts, making deposits; instruction of how to use bank cards, credit cards, and how to order and pay at restaurants and retail outlets.
  • Specialists to assist with obtaining a Canadian mobile phone and joining of WeChat group
  • Dedicated personalized assistant familiarize with the surrounding community; personalized shopping assistant to accompany student to the supermarket and purchase supplies.
  • The school led symposiums to train new students to learn how to live in harmony with their classmates, at school and with their new families.
  • The school advisors will offer advice on course selection, based on students' goals and learning needs.

During School Terms

  • Free personalized secured management of the following:
  • Passport storage
  • Ticket reservation, confirmation service
  • Monthly release of pocket money on behalf of parents
  • Full tailored school uniform
  • Letter/mail processing, parcel pick up
  • Assist students with the purchase of public transit bus card
  • Consigned to sell monthly international calling card
  • Assist students with the purchase of any necessary textbooks
  • Guardianship service
  • International Student Psychological and Counseling Service (as required)

After graduation

  • Alumni Association Service
  • College life assistance
  • Job hunting assistance