Homestay Services
Our homestay database contains hundreds of local Westerners and Chinese host families conveniently located near the school. We will make homestay recommendations based on the students' needs and preferences. At the same time, the homestay coordinator will help the student to integrate into the host family, or should any issues arise with the host family.
The following is our rigorous conduct in regards to our homestay family selection process:
  • The host family is asked to sign a formal agreement with the academy to strictly protect the rights of students.
  • Host family background check which includes work resume.
  • Homes are required to be sufficiently large in order to provide students with comfortable bedrooms and plenty of public space.
  • Homes at convenient located near the school or public transportation. Pickup and drop-off services can be arranged.
  • Host families are to provide high-quality, nutritious meals.
  • Host families are to provide one hour of interaction with the student each week.
Homestay Snapshots