Universities in North America pay great attention to student’s soft skills, of which include problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. This is exactly what our teaching professionals at Lorvale we will help students to master through our STEM programs: (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Science is for discovering the world; Technology and Engineering is for applying knowledge to real life; Mathematics is the foundation of technology and engineering.

Project Based Learning

The project based learning we use in our STEM programs focus on giving students hands-on skills. Lorvale Academy teaching professionals encourage students to keep improving their learning through continuous trials and experiments. This leads to a mastery of the core concepts and the essence of the STEM curriculum. At Lovale, we do not evaluate students ability solely on the projects success but also on the students progression, and most importantly, how students apply and understand the STEM concepts.

Real World Problem Solving

Lorvale Academy requires ongoing teacher professional development in our STEM stream, in order to keep up with advancing technology in various fields. This inspires students to fully engage in science projects, using high-tech tools such as computer programing, mechanical theory, and 3D printing. The Academy has developed long standing and successful working relationships with several local corporations, through which, we give our students real world, project based problems. Our STEM project based activities will give students a deeper interpretation of STEM’s core theories, understand the importance of science and technology, build their self-confidence and a sense of achievement, and cultivate their interests in science and technology.

Critical& Creative Thinking

Our Lorvale Mission of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience is reinforced through STEM education. In STEM projects, students will learn to Respect and learn by working with those from different cultures, and with different ideas; fulfill Responsibilities to their education through group collaboration by utilizing analysis and reasonings skills; build Resilience through continuous problem solving and learning from setbacks and failures.

Intro-discipline Education

Lorvale Academy also engages students in various innovating industry, university and school board, competitions. This allows students to apply the knowledge and skills they obtain from STEM programs, while completing the curriculum expectations. Students will also leverage the rich resources provided by the Academy, to accumulate experience, and to realize self-fulfillment, as well as serving the greater community.

Our success in all areas of intro-discipline education are testimony to our students achievements and our STEM education success.

In North America, Arts education is seen as an effective way of cognitive development and creativity development. Arts education is highly valued by the entire society: children start to gain exposure to various forms of arts from very early ages – painting, crafting, carving etc.

The Arts education program at Lorvale Academy is specifically designed, based on our educators unique teaching talents, with a focus on the Visual Arts (drawing, design and photography).

Cognitive & Creative Development

The Arts program at Lorvale Academy develops the students' creativity and love of art. Students are taught to observe and reflect on objects and art by using multidimensional perspectives, in order to develop and nurture the imagination, and manifest their own creativity and views of beauty.

Portfolio Formation

Specially designed for students who are pursuing post secondary studies in the field of Arts, Lorvale Academy offers our students a wide range of opportunities in portfolio formation that will then aid in getting students access to the most prominent Arts universities and colleges in North America. Our caring and capable teachers, will guide and encourage students through the registration and admission process in order to ensure that the post secondary schools our students choose, are the best fit for them.

Visual Arts| Drawing| Photography

The Academy will give students the opportunity to participate in the creation of their own exhibits featuring their works in painting, designing and photography. Often we invite well known Canadian artists to review the art work and offer support and advice on how to navigate post secondary paths, whether that be in the workplace or with a university/ college.

While the STEM and Arts programs build professionals with a precise expertise, the Business Program can cultivate more “generic talents”. Many top business schools are especially focusing on making future entrepreneurs and senior management talents. Business schools have higher requirements focusing on students language ability and GPA scores. Furthermore, they also give more considerations on students comprehensive literacy skills, such as teamwork, leadership, global vision, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Strategic Thinking

Our Business Program at Lorvale Academy is committed to sending our graduation students to top-tier business schools in Canada and the United States. Our faculty team, utilizes their extensive English teaching experience, to improve students' IELTS scores, provide a variety of language development courses and improve students' comprehensive English skills. Finally, our experienced university application team will help each student tailor their application strategy in order to get admitted to the university of their choice.

Global Vision

North America's world renowned business reputation, well established business system, an, long history of business success have founded many world-renowned business schools. Many of the world's top 500 CEOs and senior management talents in fact graduated from these North American business schools. Therefore, having a prestigious business school degree has gradually become the “golden key” to management positions in world-class corporations. Business Schools in North America are also one of the most popular choices for international students.

Business Case Competition

At Lorvale Academy, students will have the opportunity to access in advance, the most popular university courses in business, including finance, accounting, marketing, human resources management, and much more. The Academy will guide students to participate in business case analysis competitions and startup entrepreneurship contests.


Lorvale Academy leverages our resources in the business sector in Toronto to provide students with exclusive mentorship and internship. We also provide opportunities for face-to-face communication with successful local entrepreneurs, and guided visit to large successful Canadian companies (such as Canada's top five banks), in order to help students gain local working experience and establish career networks.