Intensive Program

Customized Learning Plan
Intensive Language Training
Admission to One of Top 10 Canadian University

Admission to One of Top 10 Canadian Universities

With the condition of students strictly following the instruction of Lorvale, we ensure all Intensive Program students at least one offer from the universities listed below:

University of Toronto  

University of Waterloo  

Queens University  

McMaster University  

McGill University  

York University  

Ottawa University  

Ryerson University  

Brock University  

Lakehead University

If a student does not receive an offer, we will refund 70% of the tuition or the student can continue their studies at Lorvale for one more year free of charge.

Acceptance Grade

Grade 9 - 12

IELTS/TOFEL Prep Courses

Intensive Program students are offered extra IELTS/TOFEL prep courses led by Dr. Singer. This will ensure that students can achieve the required score to be accepted into universities.

Evening Self-study Session and Private Tutor

Intensive program students are required to participate every evening in self-study sessions at school. Private tutors closely monitor their study, tailor the teaching plan and assist with homework.

University Application Consulting

Led by Dr. Singer, a team of professional consultants help students develop the application strategies for Universities, prepare the documents, and rehearse interviews. We ensure that all Intensive Program students will obtain at least one offer from the listed ten Canadian universities..

Admission Requirements

1. Grade 11: Overall score for IELTS must be 4.5 or above, and 4 or above for all subjects. Overall TOFEL score must be 50 or above and all subjects must be 10 or above.

2. Grade 12: Overall score for IELTS must be 5 or above, and 4.5 or above for all subjects.

3. 75% or above on the Lorvale entrance exam.

Other Requirements

Attendance rate is above 90% for all subjects.

Students must attend all classes and complete homework independently.

Plagiarism, cheating on exams and any violation of any school policy, including no smoking, excessive drinking, drug use, fighting, disrespect to faculty, and any form of abuse is strictly prohibited.

Intensive Program Elite Program
Program Content New student Orientation
40 Hours of Community involvement
Intensive English course (ESL)
School uniforms, brooch
School events
University Application Consulting
University tour and face-to-face communication with Admission officer
IELTS/TOFEL Prep course
Evening self-study session and private tutor
One offer from 10 Canadian universities secured
University prep course
North America Business Etiquette
Presentation and Public speaking
Golf/Equestrianism/Fencing/Ice Hockey(Choose two out of four)
Summer Camp and Winter Camp
University application and career path tutoring
Buddy system
Enrichment program
One offer from top 5 Canadian universities secured
Company visiting and on-site study